Sherman Bible Summer Camp 2013


I wanted to share some pictures from Hannah going to camp this summer. She had a great time, and had some time to enrich her walk with God. They had zip lines, rock climbing wall, lots of competition games and tubing in the lake. She had a wonderful time. She was gone for one week. Of course Frank and I went to visit her and we were SO glad when she came home!

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The Summer is half over!

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Ty’s 8th Birthday!










At the beginning of this month our sweet little Ty turned 8 years old! He got to choose what he wanted to do, so he wanted to go to the bowling alley where you can eat there too. Oh yes, and he wanted to go to In & Out Burger and Dave & Busters! He went to school with a big blinking birthday button on his shirt. We had a great day!


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4th Place in State! PSIA


Hannah won 4th place in Prose Interpretive Storytelling! She was 4th out of 24 of the best girls chosen. Most others were in 8th grade, and the competition was fierce this year!

We are so proud of her and how far she has come!


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First Place Prose Interpretive Storytelling!


We are so happy for hannah who competed against six other 7th and 8th grade girls for the district PSIA tournament! She will now go to the state competition May 4th in Fort Worth and compete against MANY more students! You may recall, she won first in state two years ago. She did not compete last year because they did not have the Prose category. We are super excited for her. She read a piece from the book Toothless Wonder about a girl who loses her first tooth.



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We had a great time celebrating our 20th Anniversary at Disneyworld! The kids had a great time, and the weather was nice for us. It did get a bit chilly toward the end of our trip but the kids took it in stride. Ty is becoming quite the roller coaster rider! He is now riding some adult stuff because he says the kids roller coasters “dont go fast enough”.

We also dined at the T-Rex restaurant, where there are giant dinosaurs all over the restaurant that constantly move. Needless to say, this was Ty’s favorite.  We also went on a safari ride where we saw lots of animals. Enjoy the pics!

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A Teenager in the House!



Happy Birthday Hannah! As much as I hate to say it, we now have a teenager in the house!  13 years have gone by with this sweet girl. It is going TOO fast. We had a big party for her, with all her friends from school. Each one of them came! 13 girls total. First we started off the party with a Hannah trivia game, then headed to an early dinner at olive garden. After that we went to Solar Nail Spa, where all the girls got pedicures. The salon was reserved just for us, so the girls could have the place to themselves and enjoy their own music and conversation etc. What a great day for Hannah! Enjoy the pics….

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