All For One and One For All – The Three Musketeers


I began this “adventure” back in November. I saw they were auditioning men and women for “The Three Musketeers”. I thought it would be fun to learn sword fighting. We began training every weekend in November, December, and January, for a show in February. Quite an undertaking. It has been such a fun experience. My first time really on stage as an actress. I had to play a couple other minor roles, but for the most part I got to be involved in a couple of fun swordfights and stunts. We have one more weekend left of the show and then I can have my life back! Enjoy the pics…Look closely as I am the one in the police hat. I am also on the ground in a couple of them. Also, I play D’artangan’s mother in one scene and I am wearing a bonnet.

DSC_1511_1600x1060 DSC_2082_1600x958

DSC_2082_1600x958 D71_1892_1600x1060DSC_2091_1600x1044 D71_1475_1600x1060 D71_1900_1600x1060 D71_1895_1600x1060 D71_1897_1600x1060 D71_1899_1600x1068 D71_1901_1600x1065 DSC_0955_1600x1060 DSC_0957_802x1200 DSC_2093_1600x1060 D71_1282_1600x1018 D71_1350_1600x1060 D71_1270_1600x748 D71_1562_1600x1060 D71_2272_1600x1060 DSC_1584_1600x1060 DSC_1912_1600x1060 D71_1970_799x1200

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