Ty’s Good Friday Drawing

I recently bought Ty this dry erase board with attached pen. He loves it and is always drawing things like Sharks, Dinosaurs, etc. Much to my surprise this last weekend, I was watching him draw. He quietly started to draw what looked like a hill. He didn’t say anything to me, but kept drawing. Then he drew three crosses. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. After that he began to draw Jesus on the cross. He told me that Jesus had “Spikey” things on his head. (Note the sad face of Jesus also). Frank and I were both so touched by this. Since Easter was that weekend, we knew that he knew the real meaning of Easter, rather than the Easter bunny or coloring eggs. We are so thankful that he is slowly but surely learning more and more about Jesus. We look forward to the day where he knows him personally in his heart. That day may be here sooner than we think!

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